Let's be honest, fawns are precious and the sweetest things ever.

With their big eyes, white specks, tiny little stick legs, and the cutest little high-pitched bleats ever (see below video for reference, you're welcome), a baby deer is a creature that we wouldn't hesitate to hug and cuddle if we could.

A recent Facebook post from New Hampshire Fish & Game says that all across New Hampshire, does are giving birth to their newborn fawns throughout May and June.

Soon, you just might spot one of these babies sitting somewhere all by itself, and wonder, "where's its mother? Is it abandoned? Is there something I need to do? I can't just leave it." 

These are all very valid questions, and Fish & Game has the answers. According to them, these sweet little deer are most likely not in danger. The mama deer is probably somewhere nearby, and will soon return.

Similar to the unfortunate situations that have occurred with baby seal pups, sometimes people with the best of intentions approach these animals trying to help, but instead jeopardize their safety even more. By getting up close to or moving a fawn, you could be separating it from "the care it needs", i.e. its mother, according to the Facebook post. Most of the time, it's best to just leave Bambi alone.

If you see a fawn and have reason to believe it is indeed orphaned or abandoned, the Fish & Game website encourages you to email wildlife@wildlife.nh.gov or call (603) 271-2461 and make a report.

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