OK, this is the weirdest game day of a Monday Night Football game we've ever seen. The Patriots left for Kansas City this morning. They literally stopped traffic on I-93 during rush hour in Boston with their buses making their way to Logan airport.



I can't remember a team ever traveling on a game day before. But hey, we are in "unprecedented times." Cam Newton is OUT after testing positive for COVID. The backup QB for the Chiefs, who ironically "played" Cam Newton last week at KC practice has also tested positive. Luckily, both the rapid test and the super-accurate test came back negative for everyone else on the Pats. That being said, the team will take two planes to the game. One plane, with about 20 people who have recently been around Cam Newton, and then another plane with everybody else.

And we have also learned that Sony Michel is out for tonite's game, but Sweet Feat, James White will be back after missing the last two games dealing with the tragic loss of his father.

Brian Hoyer will start at QB, but you gotta wonder if we won't see Jarrett Stidham at some point tonite.

Here's your fun fac for the day. The Pats are 11 point underdogs. The last time that happened was 6,819 days ago when the Pats went up against the Rams in the 2002 Super Bowl. That went pretty well for us, so get ready! Never underestimate a Bill Belihick team on MNF.

We start pregame at 4pm. Kickoff just after 7pm. Wherever you're going tonite, you can hear Pats football right here on the Blimp!


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