Sure, it may seem as though the biggest Patriots story of the offseason is Tom Brady returning to be honored by the team on its home opener, or that the Pats are set to play their first ever game in Germany against one of their fiercest rivals.

But have you seen what their new offensive tackle can do with a Rubik’s Cube?

Calvin Anderson’s introductory press conference included a party trick not likely to be seen during one of Bill Belichick’s pressers, wherein he randomly shared that he can solve a cube behind his back.

Anderson, who previously played for the Denver Broncos, shared that he also signed a brand ambassadorship with Rubik’s. Cool. In Foxboro, he further detailed how he’s able to perform the feat, a response that seemed perhaps as challenging to decipher than a Rubik’s Cube itself:

In case you missed it, here's a transcript:

“It’s more about memorization and a little bit of probability and some math involved. So, do you guys remember matrices from back in the day? … You number the cube off as if you were numbering a phone. And then if you think about sudoku, sudoku has nine boxes, each box has nine smaller boxes. You’re trying to get one through nine in the box while getting one through nine across three boxes — and, preferably, down three boxes. So, if you think about the cube, each individual box you can think about as a sudoku box. So, instead of the colors, you can think of them as numbers, then you wrap the sudoku boxes around in that cube form. And then you can remember the numbers because they’re always correlated to another side with numbers.”

Well duh. How about this for a halftime show: Anderson vs. the dude who came to New Hampshire and set a world record for solving a Rubik’s Cube wearing a blindfold?

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