Over the past few days, there's been some buzz on social media over the potential of another Starbucks location opening on Congress Street in Portland. Starbucks already operates out of two prime locations, along Commercial Street near the waterfront and at 594 Congress Street near the Portland Museum of Art. In a city with as much hustle and bustle as Portland, coffee is always in high demand but could the Old Port really carry THREE Starbucks locations?

The answer is no. According to Portland Food Map, the 'Starbucks Coming Soon' sign at 229 Congress Street is a joke to bring attention to the new location of A&C Grocery. The popular spot announced several months ago that they would need to move from their longtime Washington Avenue location and we're searching for the perfect new space to continue operations. They've found it and plan to open their new location in September.

The original A+C Grocery will run concurrently with the new A&C grocery through the end of 2021 before all operations move to the new location at 229 Congress Street. A&C's new location will feature an expanded menu of offerings as well as a lunch counter. If you're a fan of A+C's flavor packed menu now, fear not. The new location will continue with the favorites as well.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Sorry Starbucks fans. You'll have to find your Salted Caramel Cold Brew with foam milk at another location. But A&C Grocery can make you a sick sandwich if you're interested.

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