Maine is blessed with a very special community of first responders. If these caring men and women aren't working, often times they are raising money for organizations and foundations that benefit their communities.

Our first responders are working in the harshest of Maine weather, under the blazing summer sun and in the icy cold. They work around the clock while we are sleeping, they sacrifice weekends and holidays with people that they love to do the most difficult jobs- not just physically, but at times emotionally.

We are honoring these men and women who put themselves in harms way for us every day.

Nominate a Hometown Hero by clicking here at the top of our website page.

Each month we will pick a veteran or first responder to highlight, (with their permission), and reward them with a $100 Amazon gift card and a $50 gift card to Aroma Joe's.

To all of our Hometown Heroes, we thank you for your service.


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