When I pulled in the driveway last night, I saw the rest of my family unloading coolers, umbrellas, and backpacks from the car. I immediately noticed their sun kissed cheeks and shoulders.

They had just returned from a wonderful day of picnicking and frolicking by the water in southern Maine's great outdoors. This of course got me thinking that I'd like to get to one of many fantastic beaches around here soon too.

The thing is though, I've only recently felt comfortable with visiting with neighbors outdoors in small groups keeping a safe distance. I'm not sure that I'm ready yet for going somewhere that is bound to have crowds.

That being said, I totally respect the choice of others if they are comfortable with it. I have a feeling that my wife will be very excited to hear the news that OOB is open today.

Especially after working at the computer from home in our upstairs bedroom which feels like an attic in the summertime. Even with the air conditioner cranking, it only stays at a cool 77 degrees.

It will be mighty tempting for her to try and get me to go down for some Pier Fries tonight. I dunno. We'll see. Muthah usually gets her way with me and she loves her some OOB.

What is very good to know is that the Town of Old Orchard Beach is making it clear that all visitors follow the CDC social-distancing guidelines of staying 6 feet from other folks and making sure your group is no more than 10 people.

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