There are lots of food choices in Maine that folks who live here will go nuts for, like the perfect lobster roll for example. That's something that is usually asked for by friends when they visit from out of state too. But, what about French fries?

Do people go out and make a special trip for those around here as well? Um. Absolutely.

Especially when you must have that one-of-a-kind crinkle delicately crunching in your mouth. Those who know...know.  There's no way you can visit Old Orchard Beach in the summertime and not grab yourself a box of Pier Fries. Those who don't...really should give 'em a try.

Owners Allan and Tiffany Buotte of Old Orchard Beach, have been carrying on the tradition of one-of-a-kind crinkle fries that was established over 80 years ago.

Tiffany and Allan Buotte

Us locals aren't the only ones who love them either. According to Food & Wine, they are among America's Best with Pier French Fries ranking near the top.

The announcement of when Pier French Fries will be opening again for the season, is something that many Maine families look forward to every year. We are wicked psyched to see that opening day has been revealed.

According to the official Pier French Fries Facebook page, they'll be operating on a weekends only schedule to start on April 30. Then two weeks later on May 14, the plan is to be serving all week long for the rest of the season.

We can't wait to take a ride to OOB and sink our teeth into those golden brown beauties made from fresh cut Maine potatoes.

Here's all the deets, bub.

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