This is my flat tire. I've been driving on it for 3 days because I am afraid of putting air into it. I have an irrational fear of the air compressor, so now I'm hydro-gliding over the Casco Bay Bridge. Mark will be home soon, and he'll have to pump it up in the pouring rain because I am a big chicken.Yesterday I even had a guy in the lane next to me yelling and pointing at my flat. This is not a new phobia. A while back I was on my way to a remote in New Hampshire and realized that I badly needed air in a tire, I was so desperate to not do it myself that I went into the V.I.P. in Millcreek bought some window cleaner and asked them to check my tires. I'm a loser.

Do you have an irrational fear? I had a friends who was afraid of birds. It would have been hilarious if she wasn't so terrified! Share your phobia on our Fan Page.

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