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Let's face it... Here in Maine, there's a whole lot of people who definitely didn't lose their card. They never got one to begin with. And that's totally your choice. This isn't about shaming anyone who hasn't been vaxxed, but inevitably, the comment section will be a graveyard of bad jokes, hostility, and well..... feelings.

But then there are the rest of us who've been vaxxed, and hang onto that little white card as though it's the most precious thing we own. In some cases, and in some parts of the state, it's basically your little pass card for doing a lot of enjoyable activities. For instance, in southern Maine, lots of restaurants and music venues require them.

What if you look in your special spot one day, and it's gone?

My card has been on my fridge since the day I got my first shot. It may seem like a weird place to keep it, but just about anywhere else in my house could cause the disappearance of it. I'd lose my legs if they weren't attached to my body, so I keep that card right where I can see it at all times, hahaha.

But what if you lose yours? Can you get another one? Do they issue a brand new one? Is it like losing your driver's license? All great questions. And the basic answer is, there are steps you can take, but it's hardly what could be described as a quick and painless process. In fact, you may even swear a bit.

You can get hooked up with a new one, but...

From what WABI is saying, the only thing you can do is get a copy of your card. It's not a replacement card per se, but an additional one of the one you were originally issued. But keep in mind, the demand is currently through the roof, so getting your hands on one may not be quick or convenient.

If you're seeking a copy of your card, you can do it right here at this website. Again, it'll take some time, and you'll need to be patient, and I seriously doubt there's a way to rush it. But hey... that seems to be the mantra of the current world, right? But, this is the only course of action you have. Of course, you could try the fridge technique.....

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