Every few months, we tell you about how the State of Maine treasury is holding on to hundreds of millions of dollars in unclaimed money.  We post the link in the story, hoping you click on it and check the list to see if you are owed any of that money.

Obviously, some people do.  I did!  It turns out that I had about $60 coming back to me from some dentist that I had taken the kids to YEARS ago.

For every person who does check to see if the state owes them money, there are dozens who don't check.  As a result, there are still millions of dollars just waiting to be claimed.

Now it looks like the state is getting tired of being your wallet!  According to WGME, the state is now sending out check to some people.

Using addresses they have on file, the State of Maine will begin sending out checks next week.  The smallest checks are for about $10 and the biggest checks will be for around $1,500.  The article explains that about 50,000 Mainers will get a check and the total amount paid out will be around $4 million.

Maine.Gov, Dirigo
Maine.Gov, Dirigo

Some of the people they have contact information for are entitled to more than $1,500.  Those people will be notified, but will need to fill out additional information in order to get a check cut.

The money comes from a variety of sources.  It comes from abandoned bank accounts, refunds from businesses, final checks that employers were not able to get to employees, etc.

Don't want to wait for a check or you aren't sure if the state has your information?  Check to see if you are owed money HERE

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