On the bright side of the pandemic, it safe to say that we've been getting around and enjoying the great outdoors maybe more than usual right here in our home state.

With Covid 19 preventing us from gathering for live concerts, big parties, baseball games etc, we had to come up with safer ways to have fun over the summer.

It appeared to me that the number of Mainers walking, jogging, biking while exploring all the unique beauty we are blessed to be surrounded by everyday, has increased.

That is great to see. Getting fresh air and sunshine, which we had plenty of this year, is a healthy choice.

Now how about the Dugan family? These very cool folks had a staycation that looks like it rivaled most. Lucky for us, they created a "Dugan Family Tricks" YouTube Channel to document their adventures.

Check out this video of one of the Dugan kids doing sick backflips at popular locations all over Maine. This little mistah is wicked impressive. We're all in awe ovah heah.

Gotta say though it kinda freaked us out when he does a backflip at the the Thunder Hole. He nails it, though. And that's not the only rock where he demonstrates his agile skills.

Watch the amazing video below where you'll see him flippin' out everywhere from Biddeford Pool to Mackworth Island to LL Bean to Reid State Park to Cadillac Mountain and much more. Thanks for sharing your summer fun with us, Dugan Family!

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