If I tell Alexa to turn on the TV after I pour my first mug of coffee, I'm usually right on time for a morning program that I've been watching since I was in my early teens when it was hosted by the late, great Charles Kuralt.

It's always been an engaging show that focused on stories of art, music, history and science. I thought of it as a little PBS on CBS.

The show is Sunday Morning.  It comes on at 9am right about the time I'm slowly getting going, so I catch it pretty regularly.

CBS Sunday Morning has been hosted by Jane Pauley for the past few years. She does a fantastic job of keeping the easy vibe going with her delivery. That easy vibe that started with Charles Kuralt and then was carried on by Charles Osgood. It's just the right tone to start the quiet day of rest.

A heavenly segment at the end of the program suggests that we Do Nothing For Two Minutes. It always a relaxing piece of footage that takes us back to nature somewhere in America with no announcer. Yesterday, that heavenly segment took us to the North Woods of Maine courtesy of the incredible camera work of Mauricio Handler.

Watch as these magnificent moose take a little dip in the water at Baxter State Park. You'll see a couple of big boys along with what looks like a mama and her baby.

The only sounds we hear are breezes in the trees and gentle lapping of little waves in the pond.

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