This app is a "Yelp" for people!  You can rate people in three different categories that you might know them in: professionally, romantically and personally. To create a profile for someone all you need is their cellphone number, they can not edit or delete the comments or ratings! It works on the 5 star rating scale that yelp uses. Negative comments will be unpublished for 48 hours in the person's inbox, giving them a chance to work our their beef with the person posting. If they don't resolve it in time it goes live and they can defend themselves by commenting publicly. People are hating on it already. With all the online bullying that happens, how could this possibly be a good idea?!

Even Dr. Phil has something to say about it. Check out this interview with the co-founder of Peeple.

If I don't care for you professionally, then I won't work with you. If I personally don't like you, then we won't hang out. If there are no sparks, then I won't date you. How hurtful is it to make every negative feeling public?! We all have bad days, and dates!

What do you think of the Peeple app? Would you believe any of the comments anyway? What effect will this have on people with low self esteem to begin with? Is it the most evil app ever? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #5stars


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