New England is now 5-0, after cruising past Washington on another successful victory.

And we can bet that our Pets Pride winner this week was surely watching: Taylor from Gorham!

This pup definitely donned her jersey, and as you can see from the photo was probably watching the win with her daddy.

Her owner says that Taylor loves when they pull her jersey out for the games, so no doubt she was super excited for this Sunday’s game.

This pet was definitely showing off her New England football pride, and because of that, she and her owner are going to get a sweet bag of swag from Tito's and Taylor will be named our Pets Pride of the Week winner!

Want your pet to be given this exclusive WBLM title? Then send us pictures of your dog, cat, goat, etc. showing off their New England football pride through our app.

Make sure to include your name, number, where you're from, pet's name, and a little bit about your pet, and they could be selected next!

We can't wait to see all your photos, and remember, if you win, you'll be getting a sweet prize pack.

Here we go, New England football! We're on to New York!

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