You think Brady to Gronk is the best tag team in New England? Nope. It's these super- cool pups sporting their football pride. Meet Rosie and Zeke, winners of our final week of Pets Pride!

Our winning pooches belong to Kathi Michaud who told us:

Both our dogs are a border collie mix and both were rescued from the Waterville Humane Society. They are both 7 years old. Rosie is on the left, and Zeke is in the right. The picture was taken during the Big Game last year! Although that didn’t turn out as we would have liked, given the opportunity, they will be ready to cheer on New England again this year. Nothing better than a lazy day on the couch watching New England football!

As winners of this week's Pets Pride contest, our pups have won a $50 gift card to Uncommon Paws on Exchange Street in Portland. Morong Falmouth will also make a donation to The Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals.


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Thanks to the great people at Morong Falmouth for sponsoring this awesome contest all season long and supporting some very worthy local Maine pet nonprofits. And congrats to all our amazing animals (and their people) who showed their New England pride and football prowess this season. We know they'll be cheering our boys (except to turn away for the Puppy Bowl) when they make it all the way to the Big Game!


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