New England rolled to 10-1 after taking down Dallas at home.

It was a rainy and windy mess the teams had to take on as well, and Dallas even had one last shot with a second left in the last quarter. But thankfully, Belichick and his team pulled out the win.

You can bet that Charlie the cat, our Pets Pride winner, was snuggled in his favorite New England football jacket while he watched the afternoon game.

Norma hunt
Norma hunt

This Waldoboro cat was keeping doubly warm with his jacket and staying by a fire. What a perfect spot to watch his team get the W!

Charlie is clearly a New England football fan, and because of that, he and his owner are going to get a sweet bag of swag from Tito's, and Charlie will be named our Pets Pride of the Week winner!

Want your pet to be given this exclusive WBLM title? Then send us pictures of your dog, cat, goat, etc. showing off their New England football pride through our app.

Make sure to include your name, number, where you're from, pet's name, and a little bit about your pet, and they could be selected next!

We can't wait to see all your photos, and remember, if you win, you'll be getting a sweet prize pack.

Here we go, New England football! We're on to Houston!

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