I took this picture yesterday in the office of a person that I was meeting with. Yes, that is a teeny, tiny urinal. Can you come up with a caption for the weirdest picture on my phone at the moment? Post your caption on our Fan Page and you could win a "prize" from  my work drawer!

Like so many businesses, we have had to downsize our work area. This one file drawer is what is left of the office that I used to have. Somehow my organized, professional looking office did not translate to this smaller space. My drawer is packed with various, frivolous, non-work related objects.



Here's the caption that Captain came up with:

"I don't have a caption for you because all I can think about now is that I have to pee."

You all can do better than that, let's hear it!

Meet Scary Pirate Baby, Naughty Tigger, dollar store makeup bag and sugar packets from 1992. Any of these items could be yours if you come up with the winning caption, post it on our Fan Page.


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