We're getting ready for the #ClashBashBBQ on August 16 at Thompson's Point in Portland. We're going to have plenty of cold Shipyard beer and good food, but the real fun will be with our musical Clash of the Decades. Four bands... one representing the 1970's, the 80's '90's and 2000's... will go head to head and song to song to decide which decade rules!

WBLM has been tasked to do the 1970's. So we have immersed ourselves in all things 70's this week....including some our favorite TV ladies from back in the day.

So let's do a quick round of Who Would You Do...1970's style! First...do your research:

Now Vote!



Clash Bash and BBQ is gonna ROCK! Help us spread the word for the biggest party of the summer..let us know you're coming: #ClashBashBBQ