Happy Cyber Monday to you. Celesta and I love this day because you can shop while you're naked at home...or at work. What a country! Did you know that people spend more $$$$ on Cyber Monday than they do on Black Friday? Today on the Blimp Morning Show we had a very special "Cyber Monday Madness" edition of the Blimp's Workplace Trivia. Now, to play the game you must satisfy our two requirements:

1) You must be at work.

2) You must have a pulse.

OK then. if you missed the rich, bulging pageantry of Workplace Trivia today, you can play right along here. get ready to be quizzed on such topics as:

  • The first thing to ever be sold on the internet.
  • The second item to ever be sold on the web
  • Some of the weirdest things to ever be sold on the interwebs. Remember, the guy who sold his SOUL online and actually made like $150 bucks or something?


Ready to play?

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