Do you remember Fran from Bethel? Back in the spring of 2020, Fran had to put a sign on her rental car as to not tick off her fellow Mainers. Back when the pandemic first started, and Maine was pretty much shut down, we REALLY didn't want anyone from away coming into the state and messing up our low COVID rates. Especially if they were from New Jersey and New York. Poor Fran got a lot of flak (and middle fingers) for riding around in a rental with Jersy plates on and had to post a sign telling everyone if was just HER.

Here is Fran's sign from 2020:

Now, it seems, Fran can't catch a break. She has another rental. Sidenote here: Fran, maybe you really need a new vehicle. And this time the rental has New York plates on it. Fran has had to make a NEW sign: THIS IS A RENTAL. IT'S FRAN FROM BETHEL AGAIN.

Now Fran. I don't want you to worry about this. Last year, when this madness first started, I could understand your predicament driving around with Jersey plates. But this year, a plate from Jersey or New York is ok. I mean, in a COVID kind of way at least. We were in Bethel this summer and there were a TON of out-of-state plates. The plates you have to worry about now are the ones from states with wicked low VACCINE RATES. And that would be any state in the South. Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennesee come to mind. That being said, let's try and be nice to everyone out there right now. Things are tough all ovah.

Fran's rental with her new sign: 

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