The temperatures are heating up, and that means we'll all be looking for different ways to cool off without breaking a sweat. One of the great ways to do that in Maine is by river tubing. Everyone and their mother knows about tubing down the Saco river. In fact, everyone and their mother are probably planning their Saco trip right now. But, there are other rivers in Maine to float on that are far less busy and still offer the same peaceful relaxation as the Saco.

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That's where Bethel Outdoor Adventure and Campground comes in. The company offers a hassle-free chance to float down a portion of the Androscoggin River for just $25. Bethel Outdoor Adventure and Campground offers a variety of different timed trips for the standard price. One, three, five, or six-hour trips are all available depending on the time of the season and when your trip starts down the river. The price also includes free parking on-site, a life jacket for your trip, and a shuttle ride to your desired put-in location. If price isn't a concern, there's a double float for an additional charge so you can side-by-side with the person of your choice.

Additionally, if floating sounds a little too tame for you, you can do the same river trip in a kayak or a stand up paddle board at differing rates. And if all of that sounds totally exhausting to you, Bethel Outdoor Adventure and Campground offers several different camping options including RV and tent sites to complete your outdoor excursion with a peaceful rest under the stars. Their 2022 season started on May 15th.


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