On Wednesday I went to the Portland Farmer's Market on Monument Square. My mission was to find a local food that I had never cooked with before. Success! My curiosity drew me to Jan Gorenson, who had some amazing organic salad filled with edible flowers, and some old fashioned popping corn on the cob! Jan explains how to cook this really cool throw back!

Tonight I will experiment with the popping corn and report my findings tomorrow. You can check out this certified organic Dresden Farm.

Fresh from the farm finds at the market include: lettuce, strawberries, rhubarb, greenhouse tomatoes, herbs, greens, edible flowers, scallions, beets, green beans, organic meats, cheeses, eggs, the list goes on! Buy from local farms!

Have you found something spectacular at your local farmer's market? My friend Anna has me trying a fresh beet recipe that she swears will make me love beets. Share your fresh recipes with us on our Facebook fan Page #farmersmarketrecipe, or tweet us.



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