Musician Joe Markley has lived in Portland all his life and has fond memories of growing up in the city he loves. He took his love of Portland and put it into a cover of the Beatles song set to old pictures around Portland of the city and his friends and family.

Markely created the video in 2012, but recently shared it on his Facebook page.

"My tribute to a lot of the people and places I've known in my life as a life long 5th generation Portlander," Markely writes. "The Markley Clan has been here since 1845 when my Great Great Grand Father Thomas Markley arrived here from County Tipperary. There's no other city I'd rather be from. I've been so blessed to have grown up in Portland in the time I did and my hearts been filled with love and pride to have known the people I've known.....In my life, I've loved them all."

The video uses pictures from several Facebook pages that share old photos of Portland, including the Portland Maine History, Portland Maine Encyclopedia and Munjoy Hill Residents pages. The photos show Portland 50 to 60 years ago, where it looks very familiar, but different to a younger generation. Billboard on tops of building in downtown Portland and old restaurants like the Village Cafe which are long gone.


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