I love that there's a photo of someone from New Jersey driving by a lobster in Portland who is wearing a shirt that says, "Eat Me"!

Well, we made headlines again. What is it this time? No, it isn't our Governor! According to Livability.com, Portland, Maine, (yes I double checked to make sure that it wasn't Oregon), has been voted as one of the top 100 places to live in the U.S.!

This is what they wrote:

"Maine’s economic capital and the state’s largest port, Portland has about 230 restaurants that give it the distinction of having the most restaurants per capita of any metropolis in America. The city has safe neighborhoods, year-round recreation and a robust arts district, and a highly rated healthcare presence is paced by Maine Medical Center. Also ranking high is the education sector, with Portland Public Schools, University of Southern Maine, University of New England and a few other campuses. A popular tourist destination is the city’s Old Port district, and Portland residents are often found volunteering or getting involved with social causes. Also, commercial air travel is available via Portland International Jetport."

Wow, sounds like we've really got it together. Whomever wrote this obviously hasn't paid a bill for heating oil in Portland this winter. But it is a great place to live, and it's nice to get props for having amazing food and active volunteers.

Speaking of getting involved in social causes... Portland On Tap is this Saturday at Cross Insurance Arena. Get tickets here before they are completely sold out. Please, somebody show up in that costume.

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