According to WGME, a bill allowing vending machines that would dispense non-prescription drugs is being supported by Portland Planned Parenthood. The Wellness vending machines would provide medicines like pain relievers for headaches, cold medicines and emergency contraception.

CVS has plans to place Wellness vending machines in travel locations such as bus stations and airports if the bill passes, the news station reports.

Emma Donnelly, the leader of the USM Planned Parenthood student group had the following to say in the WGME article,

"Whether you become nauseous at the airport or come down with a cold at the bus station, or need emergency contraception after a sexual assault, or you get a migraine in between classes, a vending machine with over-the-counter medications will make the world of a difference in accessing healthcare for Mainers all across the state."

The bill would change an existing Maine law that prevents the sale of over the counter medication in vending machines, according to WGME.

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