According to News Center Maine, the state's bicentenial has brought a change of heart to The Portland Police Department who is letting go of a long held restriction regarding tattoos.

For a long time tattoos were viewed by society as being unprofessional. The Portland Police Department, along with police departments across the country, did not allow officers to have visible tattoos. That's changed, the department is now letting go of the restriction and accepting tattoos as a form of self expression.

It's not just sailors and bikers who have tattoos anymore. Ask any soccer mom to show you hers and I'll bet she's got one. If you're rocking a tramp stamp or tribal tattoo, chances are we hung out at Boru's in the 90's. My fear of commitment kept me from getting a tattoo myself, but I did pierce my belly button. Not as cool, I know.

The Portland Police Department admits that times have changed and that much of the stigma associated with tattoos is gone. Society has embraced, (for the most part), that many people share their memories, beliefs, healing and relationships through their body art.

There are still a few regulations; no face or neck tats and the only hand tattoos allowed are a ring on each finger. Some people tattoo their wedding bands on their fingers. This option is popular in jobs where wearing a ring can be dangerous.

The chief has final say on what's considered acceptable. Removing this restriction will also open up applicants interested in becoming a Portland Police officer. Tattoo cover up makeup is a total pain, but some use it in order to do what they love.

Learn more about job opportunities with the Portland Police Department here.

Ink or not, thanks for your service, officers.

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