There are so many stories of tattoos gone wrong. One of the biggest tattoo trends back in 2002 was a tattoo of your squeeze's name on your neck. A guy from England did just that, but went a step farther and had it done in Chinese. This presented a problem because he does not speak or write in Chinese. However, he eventually ran into a guy who did, and who informed him that he didn't have his girlfriend's name on his neck, it actually translated to "Windows 7."

Top Ten Tattoos that People Have Removed:

  1. An ex's name
  2. A dolphin
  3. A misspelled quote
  4. Barbed wire
  5. A star
  6. A butterfly
  7. Chinese symbols
  8. Random Celtic or Irish design
  9. Zodiac signs
  10. Fairies

Here is a video of some serious spilled ink.

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I wonder if Pam Anderson still has her barbed wire tattoo?