It gives us all hope to see vaccinations being rolled out in Maine. Maine is #8 in the country for vaccinating residents. Our heroes in blue at the Portland Police Department starting getting their vaccinations this week. Talk about front line AND essential people! The PPD has been doing an amazing job in the face of the pandemic. The PPD stays strong and keeps us safe with 160 sworn officers and about 60 civilians.

From the PPD Facebook Page:

"Starting early this morning, Portland PD officers began receiving their first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. This is just one step towards moving past this pandemic but we are proud to do our part so that we can continue safely serving our community. A big thank you to members of the Portland Maine Fire Department for helping provide our first doses"



Here are the towns in Maine that have the most cases per 1000 people. You can see more towns and the fully-interactive chart HERE. Thanks to Nick Adams for the great chart

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