An amazing cast of local musicians performed for 1500 hundred fired-up Bowie fans at the State Theatre this past Saturday night. WBLM was honored to be a part of Portland's tribute to the rock icon who has entertained and inspired millions. Proceeds from the event were donated to the Maine Cancer Foundation and the 3 hour Bowie love fest made us all proud to live in this great city.

State Theatre

When the shocking news of his death spread, many people here in Portland turned to leading local musician Spencer Albee asking what he would do to memorialize David Bowie. If anyone in this town could put together an event like this in just two weeks, it's Spencer. Well done! There is a very personal connection for him as well. When Spencer was working with Rustic Overtones on the album Viva Nueva in the summer of ’99, producer Tony Visconti invited Bowie to sing with them…he did. 16 years later, an historic moment happened onstage at the State with the original line-up of Rustic Overtones reuniting to play the songs they wrote and recorded with David Bowie, Sector Z and Man Without a Mouth.

Matt Cosby Photography

Of course a highlight for us here at the Blimp was seeing our own Dominic (wearing a bad-ass electric blue jacket with orange trim) perform Sound and Vision, 5 Years, and Memory of a Free Festival with his band Dominic and the Lucid.

Matt Cosby Photography


Yes those were big moments but they certainly didn't diminish the energy and superior musicianship of all the local artists on stage that night. It was truly outstanding! EVERYONE in the bands and EVERYONE in the audience said "thank you" to David Bowie from Portland, Maine in the most beautiful way possible. 

Matt Cosby Photography

Here's a band that we hadn't seen yet! They're called Five of the Eyes.They blew us away!

Watch their electrifying cover of Fame!