Bowling seems to be hotter than ever around here these days. The rush of sending a hard ball thunderously rolling down the hardwood lane and then crashing into the pins always satisfies. Especially when all ten go down!

Bowling is so popular again with my family that we even supplement our real games by playing in the living room on the big-screen when we need a fix. Last night instead of playing the game on TV, we found pro bowling playoffs on the Fox Sports channel. We looked a little closer and realized that the telecast originated from Bayside Bowl in Portland. Did you know that?

Here's some highlights of the fierce Norm Duke vs Dom Barrett battle from last night.


Woo hoo! We love it anytime we see something from Maine on the national stage. That's right. The Professional Bowlers Association is back here for the 2019 playoffs. They'll also be here in just a couple weeks for the finals and championship.

You can watch it on FS1 or maybe you could be there for it live. Get tickets here. If you do, we'll look for you on TV!

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