While Maine is on track to be one of the most 4:20 friendly states in the country, there are still hoops to jump through for recreational sales.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the state is hoping to begin recreational sales by the end of the year after the pandemic delayed roll-out plans.

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So what does one do in the meantime if they don't have a medical marijuana card? Well, you may not be able to buy it, but you can, apparently, find it with some psychic assistance.

While endlessly scrolling social media this weekend I saw a Tweet that immediately had me asking if it was real.

Thanks to a follower with far more ambition than I have, it appears that this is legit.

The company is Incredibles.me and they're based in Portland.

Their FAQ page reiterates the law against delivering or gifting cannabis, but notes that sometimes, people lose things! Like their weed. So, what does one do? Well, you call or visit Incredibles.me online and take advantage of their psychic service to find the weed!

The process is simple, if you're over the age of 21 with ID, you visit the website and pick the product you lost along with your address and the psychic will consult with the weed spirits and find and deliver your lost weed to you for a fee!

While these growing pains are happening, why not avail yourself of our services? We are not a delivery service, we are not furnishing you weed. We are simply returning YOUR property!

They also note that if you lost your weed and you're under the age of 21 or live within 1000 feet of a school it's probably best that your weed stays lost.

Medical Marijuana Club Seeks Site In Fisherman's Wharf
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So, if you're stuck inside due to the pandemic and don't want to go out and look for your weed, the psychics at Incredibles.me have your back.

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