We all get it. Life gets busy, and sometimes in between all the bouncing around you do on a daily basis, every second of free time you come across is previous, which sometimes prevents you from getting out and about. If you fall under this category -- don't worry, we have you covered.

And we all get the other side, too. No matter how busy is, no matter how much you may bounce around, you're all about being part of the action and not missing out on anything big, and Maine celebrating its 200th birthday last year was a massive deal, COVID be damned.

This past Saturday in Lewiston, after a year of waiting, the 207 was finally able to properly celebrate its 200th with a Bicentennial Parade that stretched through Lewiston and Auburn. The parade had everything -- color guards, clowns, Maine's finest, radio stations, beauty queens, and of course -- the big ole Bean Boot.

Governor Janet Mills was even on hand, acting as the Grand Marshall while being carted around in a 3D-printed boat made at the University of Maine, according to Channel 8 WMTW.

Whether you were on hand or not this past Saturday, enjoy running through the entire parade from a unique, behind-the-scenes view, and all in under 5 minutes!

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