WGME broke the news that Red's Eats in gorgeous Wiscasset opened for it's 81st season on Monday. Lobster lovers sent up a cheer and raced to their spot on Rt.1 to stand in line for one of their epic lobster rolls!

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For this Maine girl, spring is not about pastels, it's about Reds. Red's Dairy Freeze opening and Red's Eats opening are more a harbinger of spring than a robin! I like my ice cream cones with candy eyes and my lobster rolls with the meat of an entire lobster. I'm a little spoiled!

World famous, Red's Eats not only has delicious lobster rolls, sirloin steak sandwiches, Green Bee Honey Sodas and homemade blueberry cake, they also source locally and are focussing on eco-ware to replace plastic products. They are just all around fan-freaking-tastic.

The Red's lobster roll is enormous! The late Allen Gagnon came up with this masterpiece of lobster-centric artistry. It's literally a roll with an entire lobster on it! Yes, two claws and a split lobster tail make it up. You can enjoy it with a side of melted butter or mayo, but that's up to you. Red's doesn't distract from the fresh lobster flavor by adding anything to it.

If Easter ham just isn't your thing, you'll be happy to know that Red's will be open on Easter Sunday.

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