According to News Center Maine, for the sixth year the Children's Museum and Theatre of Maine will be holding a free Joyful Children's Day today to honor the children and victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.

The event is from 10a to 8p. today and it's aim is to focus on the positive, to make children feel supported by their community and to give them a joyful experience that will help combat stress, fear and trauma.

This special day was a reaction to the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and is an opportunity to honor children everywhere.

Your kids will love the Children's Museum and Theatre of Maine, located right on Free St. in Portland. The fire truck is always a big draw, kids can climb through it, wear gear and participate in imaginative play. My kids also love the grocery store and camping room!

The Joyful Children's Day features an all-day Read-a-Thon, crafts, creating and non-stop art led by volunteers, and it's all free.


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