TomPetty onstage in Portland
On August 31, 2014, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers arrived in Portland, Maine for the first and last show. It was a magical night that Tommy C and I, along with a sold out Civic Center will never forget. Petty welcomed the crowd saying, “How you doin', we finally got to Maine. We’re going to give you the full industrial strength rock and roll show tonight. Better tell your babysitters you’re going to be out late.”

The day after Fenway Park in Boston on Saturday night, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers rocked two solid hours of classics spanning nearly 40 years and featured songs from their latest album, Hypnotic Eye. I was at both shows. The Portland night was superior. No question. You just can't top seeing an artist of this caliber in your home arena. Those of us who attended, were truly blessed to be there.

Tom and his incredible band really felt our Maine love. More than once, Petty said how much they enjoyed being there with us saying, “You guys are a real pleasure to play for here in Portland.”


After American Girl was played as the encore, Tom Petty was in no big hurry to leave the stage. He hung out long enough to autograph a sign from a really big fan that said, “This is My 21st Petty Concert.” Cook Photo

Check out more Portland moments captured by YouTube user, getitnow2010.



The music of Tom Petty will live on forever in our personal collections, here at WBLM, and always in our hearts.

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