Here's your fun fact for the day. What bands have played the Cumberland County Civic Center, now the Cross Insurance Arena, more than any other? Any guesses?  Here's the Top 10 from

1) AEROSMITH- 12 appearances as The KINGS of New England!

2) ZZ TOP- 11 shows, including the VERY FIRST show at the CCCC back in 1977. They say they were still bolting in the seats when they opened the doors for the first time. Nice!

3) KENNY ROGERS- 10 shows. Yup, we double-checked!

4) KISS- also 10 shows. And not one of them together with Kenny Rogers. 

5) HEART- 8 shows. Thank you Wilson Sisters!

6) GRATEFUL DEAD- also 8 shows

7) DISTURBED- 8 shows

8-JAMES TAYLOR- 7 shows

9-OZZY- 7 shows.

10) DEF LEPPARD- 7 shows, including one where we married a couple onstage during the show!

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