We were saddened to hear of the passing of the great Dusty Hill this week. Dusty was the bass player for ZZ Top for over 50 years. Dusty and his ZZ Top amigos visited Maine 20 times in their careers.

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Dusty rocked Portland 13 times with ZZ Top over the years, from the very first concert at the CCCC in 1977 to the summer of 2016 on the Maine State Pier. There have also been ZZ Top shows in OOB, Bangor, Scarborough, and Augusta. But the first ZZ Top show in Maine was back in 1975 at the Central Maine Youth Center in Lewiston.


Herb Ivy
  1. The Stampeders played, and then Brownsville Station (remember the original "Smokin' In The Boys Room"?) who opened up for ZZ Top.

Tickets were $5 in advance and $6 day of the show, and you could get them at the iconic Record Mart, Sonnet & Song, or the Grand Orange. Now all gone, but certainly not forgotten!

** one funny side note about this concert poster. That's NOT ZZ Top on the front. That's Brownsville Station that someone THOUGHT was ZZ. Top and mistakenly put them on the concert poster. But, hey, it was the '70's.

Check out the playlist from this show. I love that they did a Fleetwood Mac cover, a Johnny Cash cover, AND an Elvis Presley cover. Who else but ZZ Top could get away with THAT



You can listen to the entire historic Lewiston show right here.

Thank you, Dusty, for your music and being so great to Maine over the years. R.I.P amigo!


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