Bernadette is besides herself. Please help find this sentimental ring.


She writes on Facebook:

Bernadette Stevens Facebook
Bernadette Stevens Facebook


I have lost this ring it was my Mom's before she passed away needless to say it means the world to me. I work at Walmart in Windham. If you find it could you please call 207-595-9778. A generous reward will be paid!!! Did anyone get grocery pickup at Walmart on February 12 with a early pickup??


This ring means more to Bernadette than just a piece of jewelry. It's her connection to her mom. If you have been to the Walmart in Windham, or maybe got a grocery pick up, please look around your house. Look inside the bags if you fold them and tuck them into a cabinet to use for something else.

I know the feeling Bernadette has. It's going to be a pit in her stomach until she can find that ring - let's help Bernadette get that ring back! Whatever the reward is, I (Lori Voornas) will add 100 dollars!  I just know we can find it....



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