UPDATED, Friday, 9:49 a.m.: Scottish voters narrowly rejected breaking away from the United Kingdom after a record number of voters went to the polls nationwide, according to the Daily Telegraph of London, The final tally was 45 percent yes and 55 percent no.

Earlier story: Big day in Scotland today. A big independence vote going on...Scotland maybe quitting the UK. Wow...the Queen will be TICKED if that happens. Who gets to be President if they do secede? I vote Braveheart!

What happens in Scotland today matters to Mainers. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, Maine has the highest percentage of people who claim Scottish ancestry.

Meanwhile, Loon Mountain is getting ready to host the 39th New Hampshire Highland Games this weekend in Lincoln, N.H., which could be the greatest celebration yet if Scottish voters break away from the United Kingdom. Be BRAVE!

The whole "voting" thing in Scotland today seems a bit wimpy. I thought they might settle it with a good old-fashioned sword duel:

We were able to put together a pretty good set of music this morning of all Scottish Rock. The Average White Band, Nazareth and Simple Minds all come from there.

So get that kilt on and throw down some Whiskey. We'll have the results of the big vote for you tomorrow on the Blimp Morning Show. Plus our expert unbiased analysis. From this guy;

What do you think? How would you vote? Should the Bay City Rollers be banned from Scottish airwaves forever? These are the things I need your opinion on:. #Scottishrock on Facebook and Twitter. And may the best Scot win!


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