Anytime we see that there's a new video out there from our loyal Blimpster buddy and TV star, Ryan Eldridge of Maine Cabin Masters, we get all kinds of pumped up ovah heah.

It's not that we don't love the whole MCM crew. It's just that Ryan has that easygoing vibe that we can't get enough of. I mean, come on. The more easygoing vibes spreading around the better. Am I right?

Last week, we were wicked psyched to see his Frog Collection. So now that we've been introduced to all the cool wooden frogs that he has gathered from his tropical travels, let's learn more about the stuff Ryan loves shall we?

It's no secret that he has an impressive array of fine t-shirts. Ryan is always representing something he's passionate about by wearing a branded short sleeved pullover when he's on TV. He wears everything from his favorite bands like the Grateful Dead and Phish to some of his favorite local Maine businesses.

Here aboard the mighty Blimp, we're forward looking to him showing his pride in his favorite radio station in the upcoming season on DIY too. We are humbled and gratified. Good thing he was wearing a helmet to protect his noogin from any bouts of intense headbanging while listening at work. (you'll have to click on the link a couple sentences back to see the picture)

Now watch the video and get some stories behind this huge, impressive t-shirt collection. He has them neatly piled according to category. I love his Dead tees! What are your favorites?

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