UPDATE/EDITOR'S NOTE: The Craigslist post referring to free baby goats has been flagged for removal and is no longer visible. If you are looking for baby goats to adopt, try local animal shelters or even Stratham, NH. Petfinder has some listings for goats

I did not know that I needed a baby goat in a sweater! Now that I have read this Craigslist post, I can not un-see the cuteness, and I don't think that I can live without it either.

Apparently, there are baby goats in Rockland that need a new home. The photo of the goats in the Craigslist post is super cute, but unfortunately, those are not the goats being offered up. In fact, that photo was taken about a year ago of some baby goats at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland Center.

Still, baby goats in general are just super cute, and the post is looking to give these ones being listed in the Craigslist post a place to live.

Both babies free to a good home, no time for them anymore. I'll deliver them anywhere in the state just need them gone or else they are gonna be put down. Ask for johnny! Please text

We haven't heard back from the number about how many baby goats there actually are or if they are still available.

If it is actually a legit posting, let's hope there's someone out there who can help!

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