I love to cruise Craigslist, and every now and then I type in WBLM to see if anything pops up. Ding, ding, ding-we have a winner. I'm a collector of our classic bumper stickers, but this is a little bit too rich for me.

Are you willing to lay out two hundred bucks to put this vintage Blimp sticker in someone's stocking this Christmas?

Here's the Craigslist post:

"WBLM 108 sticker - $200 (Oakland)

condition: good
size / dimensions: 12x16 ??

This is a 108 WBLM sticker, I believe they were still in the trailer in Litchfield. I think it's a 12x16 (did not measure, going by eye )."
Frankly, I'm flattered and I hope someone scoops it up after a little good old Yankee dickering.

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