I had been noticing semicolon tattoos around Portland, so I googled them to see what they represent. I found out that Project Semicolon was started by a woman named Amy Bleuel who had fought depression and mental illness throughout her life. Amy also lost her father to suicide. She started the project to honor her dad, but it now symbolizes hope to all those who are battling self-harm and depression. The semicolon is metaphorical, an author uses it as a pause where they could have chosen to end the sentence. Project Semicolon attempts to tell each person that their story isn't over.

Ross Rothwell works across the street from our radio station at The Works Bakery Cafe. I asked him about his semicolon tattoo and he generously shared his story with me.

The National Alliance for Mental Illness provides education, support and advocacy for those affected by mental illness. They are a great resource in times of crises.

Sadly, suicide is the 10th most common cause of death in our country.


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