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The New Bus Stop Shelter Art in Portland is Amazing
Reason #4298 that we love Portland? Amazing public art. And we can thank the folks at Creative Portland for a new public art initiative for three Bus Stop Shelters. The art celebrates Portland's racially diverse community and two of the three shelters are done by immigrant artists. The bus she…
Tom Caron and the Captain Have a Goof-Off Day on the Radio
"We did not further the cause today." Truer words were never spoken from the great Tom Caron from NESN today. Tom joins the WBLM Morning each and every Friday to talk about all things New England sports. Most weeks the takes are hot and the analysis insightful. No one knows sports better a…
Buy A Limited-Edition Vintage Blimp T-Shirt
Our co-worker Stephen Lenz recently unearthed this vintage Blimp logo, ran into the studio and said, "Hey guys, let's make a t-shirt out of this..we'll sell MILLIONS of 'em!." Great idea, Stephen, and here it is. Our limited-edition vintage WBLM Blimp shirt. It's a lit…
Watch Mt Washington Wind Speeds In Real Time
We hope everyone got through the Tropical Storm unscathed yesterday. We saw 30 to 50 mile per hour gusts in most parts of Maine and New Hampshire. The big winner though was the top of Mt Washington, where they set a new August wind speed record of 147 miles per hour!

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