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Moose On The Loose Almost Runs These Skiiers Over
This did not happen in Maine but it could have! Check out this incredible video from Erik Stark on a moose running down a ski trail! The moose is moving pretty fast and luckily no one get injured in this video. Maybe we need to add moose crossings in New England!
Best of Maine Vanity Plates Mid-Winter Edition
Vanity of Maine has the greatest collection of Maine vanity plates in the World. Kudos to Morgan and his team for curting this incredible Instagram account. Mainers can and DO say anything on their vanity plates. Here are some of the best from the past few weeks.
Tom Caron Talks Mookie, Beanpot and Being A Bag Chucker
NESN's Tom Caron joins us every Friday morning to talk all things New England Sports. TC has a busy week ahead. He's calling the Beanpot final on Monday and then it's off to Red Sox Spring Training on Tuesday! Tom talked to the Captain and Celeste about the Mookie trade ( is it still …