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Watch These Maine Goats Rock Out to WBLM
A Big Blimp Shoutout to the great folks at Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland. They raise Nigerian dwarf goats there and create "delicious treats made from the milk of happy goats." They also made an amazing scientific discovery this week while listening to the Blimp:
Here Are 5 Wicked Clever Maine Vanity Plates
We've got another great batch of Maine vanity license plates from Morgan and his crew at Vanity of Maine on Instagram. Usually, we give you the weirdest and naughtiest we can find, but this week we are keeping it classy and going for the more wicked clever ones.
How Strong Is That Pot Brownie?
Now that recreational pot is legal in Maine, you might be enjoying some chocolatey, grassy brownies. If you are buying the edible, be prepared for a possible kick.