From the third floor of One City Center our studio overlooks Monument Square and the Wednesday Farmer's Market. This week a true sign of spring arrived when two farmers set up their stands intown Portland.

Dick Piper from Piper Ranch, is also know by many as "The Grass Farmer". I start most conversations with Dick by asking if he has any Mowie Wowie, he always responds that he doesn't sell that kind of grass.

Grass Farmer miracle

What he does sell is %100 grass fed meat products, his wife Lynn's homemade pies, honey and much more.

pork pie

Dick is also an entrepreneur with glamping accomodations up in Buckfield alongside Darnit Brook.

Jodie Jordan from Alewive's Brook Farm in Cape Elizabeth was selling fresh produce that he just harvested from the root cellar that he planted in the fall. He also had fresh spinach that he grows in a high tunnel, which he explained is an unheated green house.


At Alewive's Farm they harvest from land and sea. There are three salt water tanks with lobster, clams and snails available. Free range chickens provide farm fresh eggs and you can get quail eggs too. All of this is available at the Alewive's store, 83 Old Ocean House Rd. in Cape Elizabeth


Summer hours at the  Alewive's store will be 9a to sundown, winter hours are 9a to 6p.


I went home with dinner; one of Lynn's homemade pork pies from Piper Ranch and delicious carrots and spinach from Alewive's Farm.

Welcome back farmers, we missed you.

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