I LOVE activities.

I am a “yes man” and am always down for a good time, whether it’s kayaking down Royal River, whacking some golf balls around, sitting on a sunny deck, boogying at Thompson’s Point, you name it.

I enjoy a nice beer or cocktail with friends just sitting and chatting but throw an activity or game in there and I am even happier. So, it’s no surprise that I love Portland’s beloved bar Arcadia.

Arcadia in Portland, Maine

Any guesses what Arcadia is? It’s kinda in the name…

Great guess, it is an arcade. BUT, even better, it’s a bar and arcade combined into one glorious place.

Arcadia is located on Congress Street in Portland and is a 21+ hot spot for arcade games, hoops, skeeball, pinball, Frogger, all the classics, with a beautiful bar and fantastic specialty cocktails and mocktails. It’s one of the best spots to have a drink while being thoroughly entertained.

And lucky for all of us, they finally recently extended their hours.

Arcadia’s Summer Skeeball League

Speaking of skeeball, there is still time to sign up for their summer skeeball league which kickoffs next week on Monday, July 11. Registration is still open on their website but you only have until July 10 to sign up so grab your team and get going!!

Skeeball is a random skill I have and I’m not sure why I’m good at it but I’ve just naturally got that flick of the wrist. If I can get a team together, you are sure to find me there.

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