It's the week after Halloween and all around us Christmas is closing in. How are you feeling about it? This was the sight outside my window at work today. Truthfully, I loved seeing Portland's holiday lights going up and was a bit jealous that I didn't get a ride in the cherry picker. Just a couple more weeks until the tree goes up in Monument Square, maybe I'll get my chance then. I was at Christmas Tree Shops yesterday to buy a turkey hat. Yes, a turkey hat- and as I walked through the doors the smell of cinnamon rolled over me, coming from some generously scented pine cones. I liked it. I liked it a lot. Then something else registered in my brain. Christmas music! I was surprised at how happy it made me! But it's true, "Winter Wonderland" playing made me want to spin in the aisles. I was thrilled and shocked, by my reaction to the overload of holiday stimulation! I might go back today.

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I may take my one horse open sleigh to vote today.



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