Even though small amounts of pot for recreational use is legal in some areas of Blimpville, you can still get fired for failing a drug test at work. Make sure you've read your employer's drug-testing policy carefully if you are planning on taking a puff. Because marijuana is still illegal on a national level, employers who have a drug-testing policy in place can fire employees who flunk one. That includes employees with cards that allow you to buy legally from a medical pot dispensary!  Even if you are smoking on your own time in the privacy of your home and show up for work stone cold sober, if you have a detectable level of THC in your blood you can be fired.

Read the full story from CNN here.

Want to watch an interesting experiment? This guy took on a few simple tasks while drunk, and then while stoned. Check out the results.


Here's a hilarious sketch from "Kids in the Hall".

I'm going to end this post with a picture of a Twinkie.

Hostess Twinkie
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I'm paranoid, but my headache is gone. Wait, what? Did I say that out loud. No. because I'm typing. So I just said that in my head, right?... Is fog white or gray? It looks like it would taste like something. Whoa, no more listener brownies for me.


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