Sure, we have a new POTUS and the first female Vice President. That's cool and all but...


Bernie really set the mood for 2021. Cold, masked, grumpy. Totally relatable. It looked like he didn't really want to be there but his wife made him. I can hear it now...

Come on, Bern. He beat you fair and square. You don't have to stay the whole time. Here, take these mittens with you. It's going to be chilly.

Well, the memes have been incredible from funny captions to photoshopping him into hilarious situations. Even some Maine businesses are getting in on the fun!

Nosh Kitchen Bar

Senator Sanders has been up against many difficult decisions in his long career as a politician. Nothing more difficult than choosing which burger and fry combo to get at Nosh.

Cushnoc Brewing Co.

Augusta's favorite spot for a brew and pizza got in on the fun as well. Personally, I'd recommend All Souls IPA and The Diner Closes at 2 pm.

Maine Red Claws

We've all been waiting to enjoy sports live again. Senator Sanders is no exception. Who knew he was a Red Claws fan?

Created and shared by Facebooker, Travis Cummins, It looks like Bernie is getting a head start for 2021's Yarmouth Clam Festival.


Yes, even the Maine Department of Transportation couldn't help themselves after "spotting" ol' Bern in Belgrade.

Portland Downtown

And finally, Bernie is enjoying Portland's beautiful downtown. Either that or he's just waiting for a ride back to Vermont.

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