As the deer hunting season came to a close on Saturday, the number of tagged deer was at an all-time high for this convenience store in South Paris.

The Oxford Hills is home to many avid hunters of all ages and when they get their deer, they take it to Doe's Variety on Park Street in South Paris to get it tagged. The irony of the name is not lost on us, but it's not named after a female deer. The owner is Doe Brown and Bill Green's Green Outdoors on News Center Maine paid her a visit last week.

The one who stole the show though is Denise Morse who everyone calls Sparkles. She's tagged most of the deer this season at Doe's so we asked her what the final tally was. She told us she had a goal of tagging 500 deer this season. She ended the regular hunting season on Saturday tagging 475, 54 of which were tagged on opening day. That's a record for Doe's, but with two more weeks of muzzle loading season, hopeful she can reach 500. Maine biologists tell Doe's that they are one of the top tagging stations in the state based on number of deer.

If you're interested, you can see photos of just about every hunter tagging their deer at Doe's this season along with the hunter o. You'll notice that they are not the image of the classic hunter you my have in your mind. An old man with a pipe in blaze orange on the cover of an L.L. Bean catalog. Hunters today are men and women of all ages, including kids. The look on the face of some of those young hunters is priceless.


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